As a self-taught designer, it has always been important for me to find a good source of information. Podcasts have been a big part of my learning process. It's interesting to listen to different people's perspectives and experiences. The cool thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them when you commute, do mundane things or work on not so brain heavy tasks.

I use the Podcast Addict app and its name became reality for me. The list of podcasts below is sorted by an algorithm which considers how fast I click to download an episode, how the topic is relevant to what I am interested in and try to learn and 15 other factors. I admire everyone who decides to put their time and energy into producing content for the community and I believe creating podcasts is a great way to do it.

Here is the list:

The Honest Designers Show

The Creative Course Podcast


Design Matters

Logo Geek

Perspective Podcast

Passion Behind The Art Show

Design Recharge

Illustration Hour

Creative Pep Talk

The Collective Podcast

The Futur

The Illustration Dept. Podcast


99% Invisible

Adventure in Design

Arrest All Mimics

High Resolution

The Accidental Creative

The Crazy One

The Design Of Business

The Product Breakfast Club

Let's talk branding

Creative Waffle

3 Point Perspective

The Design Better

School of Motion Podcast

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

Resourceful Designer

Change Lab

Method Podcast

Design Notes